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Touted as a nature paradise, Laos exposes its charm through green forest, lush valleys, stunning landscapes and friendly people with slow pace of life. To those who once visited Laos, the country features an incredible destination with many parts of the country remaining untouched.  The fact that Laos does not have good infrastructure fundamental make this a unique experience for those who wish to enjoy the outdoors activities including including biking, rafting, rock-climbing, jungle-flying and kayaking.

In the north, Luang Prabang, a UNESCO site, boasts a distinctive elegance while Luang Nam Tha offers plentiful of opportunity to go green and mingle with local for a cozy homestay. Additionally, Xieng Khoang targets travelers who wish to do caving and go wild. The plain of Jar in this area is also recognized as one of the most impressive relics in Indochina. In the south, Champasak reflects the colonial architecture as well its colorful culture. If you follow the stream of Mekong in this lowland, you can find freshwater dolphins.

A trip to Laos perhaps is incomplete without a cruise on Mekong whether it is a day trip or overnight cruise.

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